Through this ad I would like to emphasize  Personalized Bath Towels from Signature Towels as a brand which (despite changing times, fashion trends, hostile moments) puts well being of each towel user on the first place. It is the brand that creates moments of joy, encapsulates emotions and passes on memories…

The main idea of the ad is to emphasize how such a simple thing like a bath towel can be turned into a symbol of love, care, support, comfort, success and become a constant of our life. Something, which can accompany each of us through the period of life; something, which can unite generations…

I would like to start my ad with the pictures of a newborn baby wrapped in a big and fluffy bath towel. Towel that offers him protection and warmth, welcomes him into the big world. Happy face and a smile of the newborn can melt everything… The emotions that emerge from the pictures should be filled with pleasure and calmness bringing the sense of trust and security that newborn experiences during such moments of his life.


 As the baby starts to grow, the next episode of the ad turns into a picture of a toddler who is having a bath. At the end of the bath time mom wraps him with one of the Personalized Signature Towels. With the help from his mom toddler is rubbing the towel over his body and at the end happily wraps himself in it. During that episode we all can see the process of growth: it is not the same naive baby anymore… That little person already starts to learn and explore the world; he already knows the routine and things that may provide comfort, warmth, sense of security for him. Of course, he doesn’t understand yet what does the “state of well being” mean…. However, it does not prevent him to make his first steps towards it.

The next episode shows the kid at the beach with his family. We all can feel their joy and happiness of being together. They are all playing in the water, splashing, fooling around and simply having fun… And even though the beach is a place to play, have fun and explore the nature, the towel (that lies on the yellow sand, surrounded by water and beautiful scene of nature) is his return point. It is the spot that feels like coming back home, the spot that allows him to take a break, to catch his breath and have some time to rejuvenate. It is the spot that gives him again and again that sense of trust and security. Although, at this age that child, probably, still does not understand all of that… It is still intuitive…


The next episodes include teenagers who are involved in different sports.

  • Here is the teen that plays soccer and has the Personalized Signature Towel on the bench waiting for him. After the match he will use the towel to wipe his face and neck and later have a shower.
  • Group of teenagers who competes with other teams in synchronized swimming. We all know that everything what we can see now is the final product of their hard and dedicated work. Work which was done over and over again throughout the several months or even years. All that time they had something special that was invisibly supporting them – Signature Bath Towels… Even now those towels are patiently waiting beside the pool to share the joy and pride of victory…


The idea of having a Signature Towel in all these episodes is to send a message: “It does not matter what you do in your life – you are always will be invisibly supported”. Towel here is like one of your friends who will support you after the game or practice and would silently encourage you: “You did great!”; it will give you strength and will push you further, to the new limits.

And now you become an adult… You are at the beginning of another phase in your life… Phase, where you will start building your own life based on experience and knowledge that you already have. Here is your high school and then university graduation… Among of many other presents that you will get is a bath towel from Signature towels…something which will start a new life with you… That episode in my ad will be followed by another one where we can see a young couple on the beautiful beach. Two people are in love… they are making plans… they are dreaming together… We cannot see anybody else on the beach… only beautiful bath towel from Signature Towels beside them.

With the next episode the whirl of life puts us and the same couple in the middle of their wedding day. Lots of smiles, happiness, flowers, family, friends, guests and the variety of presents… One of them is the monogrammed Signature Bath Towels for both of them…

After that the couple goes for their honeymoon… They are in the hot tub…Lots of flowers around them… We can all sense their love and happiness….at this point they still do not need anybody else…it is their  own moment of  magic… and  only one invisible friend is allowed to be there and share that magic – Signature Bath Towels at the edge of the hot tub.



Next episode of my ad is a picture of a woman at the spa wrapped in a Signature Towel. She is getting a relaxation massage on the spa table… she is enjoying her time and moment to herself. It is the time when she can find the perfect balance between work, family and social life. The Signature Towel is there as a part of that balance. Balance brought by the same quality that transcends the decades.


Next on the screen comes a picture of a family (mother, father and two kids) coming together. Now, when you have your own family, you will surround them with love and care, you will provide the best experience and show them what sense of belonging means. Here begins the new circle of life…


The final episode of my ad will be a couple of pictures with an older couple that, despite of passing decades, are still enjoying themselves. The presence of the Signature Towels during the final episodes meant to send the final message that time cannot defy the quality.

On one of the pictures that couple will be coming back to the same beach where that woman went with her parents as she was a little girl.


Next episode will bring the same couple on the beach where they were together many years ago… before their own story have started….


As a background of my ad I have chosen progressively energetic music by Lindsey Stirling “Electric Daisy Violin”, which will represent the progress of life with all its ups and downs… Watch the short summary of my ad here:

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Very creative. But do me a favour and ‘break’ or remove every link except the very first one. Make this piece have just one link and it will be ‘tidy blogging’.

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