How many people have pets in your homes? How many people don’t have any pets in your homes? Well, I am the one who has lots of pets in my home. One thing I could tell you, I LOVE animals! I just simply love them and I couldn’t hold it =p

Dog – Golden Retriever

This is my best best best doggy =3 Her name is Feilin. She is over 2 years old. She is very healthy and energetic. She IS energetic. You couldn’t imagine how energetic she is. Her favourite outside sport is playing with the tennis ball. If I say”Let’s go outside, Feilin!” she will be super super happy and surprise, and will run a circle with little jumps. Next thing, you have to, remember, you HAVE to tie her, and you must have to be prepared every second with her, because you couldn’t know she will run very fast without any signs and you couldn’t control her. She is so good at taking the tennis ball and running. I still wound on my knee, it is because the first time I tie her, and she run so fast and surprise me and pull me down… Although she is kind of insane outside, but she is pretty good in the house, we trained her not to enter all the bedrooms, and she is pretty clever. =)

Rabbit – Dutch Rabbit

This is my favourite rabbit. Feilin and him, I will say I care him more, I love him more…(sorry Feilin…=.=) His name is Mr. MilkButter, I always call him Dear Milk Butter. He is not like Feilin that crazy… But he is soooo funny when he do something. And he is so unlucky because he has a disease on his legs. Before he got his disease, he is a happy-go-lucky rabbit. I don’t cage him, only except sometimes he is so naughty and made me mad. I always laugh at him when he jump-jump-walk with my family in home, you know, haha, if you see a little rabbit walk between those humans… He usually jumped so high without any signs, and that often surprised me, and he is so funny when he jumped on my sofa quietly when I was watching TV. One of his favourite place is kitchen, he always go to the garbage and find some “delicious” and I always laugh at him when I saw a little rabbit is trying to find some food in the garbage. My mother often throw some extra carrots and cabbages on the floor because my mom know he is waiting here to get them =D My mom also love to talk to him when he is in the kitchen, asking him what do he want for dinner.. Hahahaha=D

One day, I found there are so many ugly wound and blood on his legs. I was so nervous and sad, since that, I never see he jumps so well. I took him to the animals hospital and spend so many money for him. When he took a injection, the nurse told me to talk to him and to make him relax, he is so tough and good that he didn’t kick the nurse, I can feel how painful he would be… I can feel he is trying to make me happy, trying to make me smooth…

Now, I leave him, he is all good with his legs. But I’m still so ashamed with him… I promise, he is my favourite pet ever. This will not change. 😉

My sister with illed Milk Butter =3


This is my little buddy, my little hamster Xiaomi. I was sorry about him, because I care him very less, I always forget him… T^T He is so cute with his little sparkle eyes. He don’t sleep at night, he sleep whenever he is tired. He extra love his little “playland”. He always love to run on his “sofa-reel”.. I call it sofa because he always rest and sleep on it. =) When he is so nervous because the people, he choose to run on it so fast =DD It is so funny…

Run!!! My little buddy=<3

Haha, I always laugh when I stay with my cute animals. =) I can tell you, those cute animals make my life shinny and interesting… =)



Cathy Miss Teen Port Coquitlam


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I believe that everyone knows I am from China, right? China is a wonderful, beautiful and modern country. It has 5000 years history! In Beijing, there is The-Great-Wall. It is super long and lying on the mountains. This is, my city, my country. =)

My City –  Beijing

I lived in Beijing. Beijing is the capital city of China. It always represents modern and prosperous but has long old history.

Here is a picture of where is the most modern place in Beijing…

Here is a picture one of the places that represent long old history in Beijing…

With all the pride and pleasure to say, in 2008, Beijing has been very pleasure to be the central city to prepare the Olympic Games. When I heard that decision in 2003, I cried, cried for my country. All the people were so happy with tears. I remember that year. All the people were preparing for the people from different country. Everyone learned one English sentence— “WELCOME TO BEIJING” =D

Here is the picture of “Bird’s Nest”…



My life in Beijing

I love Beijing. I had a wonderful past time in Beijing.

School is hard in China, but although it is hard, there is a special love between the classmates, that is solidarity. It makes us feel warm inside, and it makes our lifes full of happiness. We hold together to do everything. Such as, tests, we have monthly exam half-term exam and final exam. Not like Canada, we had to compete with other divisions in our grade. To be the best, we learn hard and study hard. You couldn’t imagine how many pressures we had. We also had to compete with others in our class. The teachers had to list who is No.1, No.2, No.3… But still, I love this type of life. It fulls of pressure and tears, but rainbow will come out after the rainstorm, isn’t it? =)

Here is a picture of my school’s gymkhana…

In my spare time in Beijing, I went shopping with my friends, everything is cheap in China… SUPER CHEAP… I bet when you go to China, you will become crazy after you come back to Canada… For example, a very very super pretty and useful pen cost 10 dime in China, but in Canada, I bet it costs 3 dollars. T_T Usually, I went to town or some places for walking and playing with my family. You know, fresh air. Beijing has bad weather… I only hate this thing in China. The weather is super hot in summer, and super cold in winter. Also, I had to go to some lessons in the weekends. Such as, piano lessons, drum lessons and dancing lessons. I can say I am a smart person, because almost every student except me go to the extra math/language/science lessons in weekends in China, but I never go and I’m a great student in my class. I always be No.2 in big exams in my class. All right, not No.1…

Here is a picture of my apartment in China… I lived in this big community…

Last but not least, I wanna introduce the food in Beijing to u guys! The most famous food in Beijing is Beijing Roast Duck. Omg.. It is the best and most delicious food in the world! =D It is very delicious! Eat it with some patties. You can ask your friends who went to Beijing before. They must ate it before. I promise it is super delicious… (suddenly I realize that I shouldn’t talk about food… I’m getting hungry=.=)

I love Beijing. Really. I love Beijing with my hot and warm heart. In Beijing, I had my best and worst memories. I really had a good time in Beijing. Although I am in Canada, I still miss my country, my city so much..

I love my dear city and country! Beijing, China! =)

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Free The Children?

Free the Children developed very well and fast as everyone knows since 12 years old Craig Kielburger founded it in 1995. He gathered 11 people in his school to begin fighting children labours. They helped children in any ways. They gathered lots of donation, not only money, also clothes, books, life necessities, etc. With those people’s hardest efforts, Free the Children had becomes the largest network of children helping through education, with more than one million young people involved in 45 countries! =)

Craig is helping a child named Iqbal.

Me to We?

Entered Me to We’s website, you can see Me to We calls itself “A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE WITH A MISSION“. What kind of social enterprise it is? What mission it has?

Me to We is a new kind of social enterprise for people who want to help change the world with their daily choices. Me to We sells socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes, books and music. Also, they provide inspiring speakers, leadership training and transformative travel experiences. They do volunteer works but still cost people, only because… they donate ALL the money they earned to FREE THE CHILDREN! =D

FTC & MTW Partnership?

Free the Children is Me to We’s charity partner and best friend. Me to We donated all the  money they earned to Free the Children. To date, Free The Children has built over 650 schools and school rooms bringing the fundamental right of education to over 55,000 children every day. Hundreds of communities have benefited from its water and sanitation projects, medical resources and alternative income programs.

Me & Free the Children?

I used to support our school team Me to We to help do some volunteer works. For one example, I used to support them by selling cupcakes in my school. And of course all the money donated to Free the Children.

Miss Teen Canada-World also donated money to Free the Children, girls of us would like to gathered money from people to donate to Free the Children.

In the high school that I’m going to attend this year, also has Me to We leadership. And I would like to join them to help more people with my biggest pleasure! =)

Make a action by changing the world. =) Let’s go, people.

See you very soon,

Cathy Miss Teen Port Coquitlam

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What is your thought when you read “I’m Miss Teen Port Coquitlam”? Don’t know where it is? Mmmm, yes, this is what I expected what you guys think. Even my friends who live in Richmond or Vancouver this close to Port Coquitlam do NOT know Port Coquitlam. Even though Port Coquitlam is a small city and is not very prosperous and fancy city, but I still love and enjoy this place. You will find out how beautiful Port Coquitlam is.

There is a river just passes by the forest that nearby my house. It is Coquitlam River. It almost is the line that divides Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. Also we can say it is the line between Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. In spring, there will be a lot of Salmons swimming in a opposite way in the river. I’m so lucky that I can see this sublime thing. That’s why many people write about Salmons in China, to describes their lifes. Also, the river is very clean, and there are some people swim there in hot summer days. =)

Here is… I stand on a stone and playing water…

In the first post, I already mention that, my parents are working in a cafe. It is Waves Coffee. My parents own one in PoCo Place. PoCo Place is a small mall. There are lots of stores such as Michaels, Waves Coffee(ours), Shoe Store, Korean Superstore, and a building called HSBC, etc. It is very very very convenient to the people who live around the PoCo Place.

A little more surprising! It is my first volunteer job in my parents’ cafe Waves Coffee-PoCo! I was so excited to work in a cafe! I improved my English by talking to the customers, a little bit nervous though. =D

Everyone knows Terry Fox right? I remember he was the first Canadian Hero I know in since I moved to Canada. All the schools were running for him in September. He is famous and great, but do anyone know where he comes from? I bet just a few people know. He IS from PORT COQUITLAM. That’s why there is a school called Terry Fox Secondary in Port Coquitlam.

After a few months I live in Port Coquitlam, I will suggest you to call Port Coquitlam a country. Just because it is NOT that modern like New York. But it is a wonderful place to live and to enjoy life. Just today, my family went to see a open-house, the environment around the houses is sooooo good. There are mountains surround it, river surrounds it and little forest surrounds it! It is a quiet place, without the noises of cars, people… Good place! =) I’m yelling and cheering we got a new house=D

Port Coquitlam is my hometown, I love it and will never change…. <3 =D


Love, Cathy


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Hello everyone, my name is Cathy Cheng. I am Miss Teen Port Coquitlam.

With all my pleasure and excitement to say, I’m one of the contestant in Miss Teen Canada – World 2011 from province British Columbia. Since I was announced to be one of the 18 contestants for final competitions in Toronto, I have NOT stop exciting about it. I’m a lucky girl who never stood on the stage before. For the pageant, I’m going to be judged by wearing swimwear, evening dress, interviews and modeling. To test me, to be a role model for teenagers.


In my spare time, I LOVE to play the piano, play the drum, swim, and write some little novels and diaries. Last but not least, I also LOVE modeling so much. Just in April/2011, I entered a professional model competition called ITM(International Top Model Corp)-NSR(New Silk Road), North America Area. This competition is from NSR, which is the biggest and the most famous models organization in China. I was so proud of myself to be one of the only 20 contestants to represent North America. For my writing, I used to win a Chinese Composition Prize when I was in Elementary School in China.

Here is a picture from that Model Competition ITM-NSR. What happened is all the 20 contestants are on a media show. And I’m walking on the runway~ (lol, me)…

I’m a new immigrant from Beijing, China. I had been in Canada less than a year. So my English is not so good(blahblahblahhhh…). I love my family, my parents and my younger sister. My family now own a lovely cafe, and they work very graceful everyday. My younger sister is 9 years old. She is a naughty but nice girl. She is a Grade 4 student. I am 14 years old and I’m going to Pinetree Secondary this year. ALL my friends said:”Cathy, try to be a little bit mean…” Well, don’t misunderstand it. They’re just kidding, they just always said that I’m TOO nice to everyone, and that causes a lot of troubles to me. But THAT IS THE WAY I AM. =)))

A big hug and a kiss for the Shasha Bread Co for their tasty healthy snacks they provided and to the organizers of the Miss Teen Canada event. Also big thanks to the Internet marketing firm PageOne for all the help with my pageant blog.
That is all, and nice to meet u guys. =D

Love, Cathy xoxo

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