We all know that “Beautiful British Columbia” is famous for its unique climate, nature and culture. It is truly the best place on Earth to live. Here you can find things to do for everybody: mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, wild forests, parks are for people who is looking for outdoor adventures; museums, theaters, cultural centers, beautiful spas, restaurants, dance halls, hotels, casinos, shopping malls are for people who like the business of modern life and city environment; stadiums, swimming pools, skating rinks, golf and ski resorts are for people who want to stay active… and that list can go on with things that will keep you busy in our province.

I am proud to live in BC and represent a small but absolutely unique portion of that beauty – Port Coquitlam.


Port Coquitlam is located right in the heart of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver and Fraser Valley area). However, natural setting and small-town make it feel like miles away from business of urban life. Port Coquitlam is famous for its trails, parks and green spaces accessible within short distances.

Traboulay Port Coquitlam Trail is #1 premier attraction of Port Coquitlam

Visitors and locals alike use this 25-kilometre loop trail to experience nature, get some exercise and even to get around. This flat walking, cycling, skate and even horseback trail is suitable for exploring at any time of the year. For every visitor it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature, be active and discover the community.


The PoCo Trail was born in 1967 as an idea for a Centennial project for the City of Port Coquitlam, to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. It began to physically take shape in the early 1970’s. Later, in 1997, City Council adopted a plan to upgrade the PoCo Trail and make it truly a source of community pride. Its name trail got only in 2001, when it was renamed into ‘Traboulay PoCo Trail’, in honour of the late Mayor Len Traboulay.

This 25-kilometre trail encircles the City of Port Coquitlam, traversing a varied landscape that includes forest and creek, meadow and marsh, riverfront and urban development.  The paved Downtown section winds through areas where local residents live, play and work. It’s well used by recreational users as well as bicycle commuters. From there, you can cycle through the serene and historic Colony Farm section, which features more than 150 bird species and is one of the most biodiverse parts of the region.

Traboulay PoCo Trail spectacularly winds through many of Port Coquitlam’s parks including Hyde Creek Nature Reserve, Wellington Park, Coquitlam River Park, Lions Park, Gates Park and Colony Farm Regional Park… All these parks, along with many others, create absolutely irresistible green paradise of our community.

Belcarra Regional Park is a beachside park along Bedwell Bay and Indian Arm with a pier. It has beautiful playground and picnic area. You can come here all year around and enjoy fishing, crabbing and walking trails.


Buntzen Lake also has beautiful beach and picnic area. During the summer time it is one of the most popular places for hiking and walking trails, swimming, and canoeing.


Colony Farm Regional Park is famous for its lowland marsh wildlife and bird sanctuary with excellent walking trails in Port Coquitlam.


Golden Ears Provincial Park has number of trials where you can challenge your hiking skills; however, don’t get discouraged if you are not that advanced – there are plenty of trials for leisure walker too.  Beaches on LaTourette Lake, incredible waterfalls and campground areas will also leave a life-long impression on you.


Minnekhada Regional Park has diverse hiking and walking trails in a wildlife and bird sanctuary.  Cranes, bald eagles, ducks, geese, and hawks are among its commonly seen inhabitants.


Pinecone Burke Provincial Park is famous for its natural hiking trails and world-class mountain biking on Burke Mountain.


White Pine Beach is another beach area with trails and natural hiking trails.


When you are done with the exploring the nature and ready for a snack and some shopping, make your way to Port Coquitlam’s historic and authentic downtown. Pick up a latté and stroll along charming Shaughnessy Street, lined with trees and shops for browsing. A variety of other services and shopping areas are a quick walk or drive away. And for a taste of some old-fashioned small-town spirit and family fun, visit Port Coquitlam during one of its many community festivals.

So, as you can see, that regardless of your age and interests, you’ll find plenty to see and do in our city.

Come see what we have to offer!

Special “Thank You” to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 (2nd blog challenge).

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Through this ad I would like to emphasize  Personalized Bath Towels from Signature Towels as a brand which (despite changing times, fashion trends, hostile moments) puts well being of each towel user on the first place. It is the brand that creates moments of joy, encapsulates emotions and passes on memories…

The main idea of the ad is to emphasize how such a simple thing like a bath towel can be turned into a symbol of love, care, support, comfort, success and become a constant of our life. Something, which can accompany each of us through the period of life; something, which can unite generations…

I would like to start my ad with the pictures of a newborn baby wrapped in a big and fluffy bath towel. Towel that offers him protection and warmth, welcomes him into the big world. Happy face and a smile of the newborn can melt everything… The emotions that emerge from the pictures should be filled with pleasure and calmness bringing the sense of trust and security that newborn experiences during such moments of his life.


 As the baby starts to grow, the next episode of the ad turns into a picture of a toddler who is having a bath. At the end of the bath time mom wraps him with one of the Personalized Signature Towels. With the help from his mom toddler is rubbing the towel over his body and at the end happily wraps himself in it. During that episode we all can see the process of growth: it is not the same naive baby anymore… That little person already starts to learn and explore the world; he already knows the routine and things that may provide comfort, warmth, sense of security for him. Of course, he doesn’t understand yet what does the “state of well being” mean…. However, it does not prevent him to make his first steps towards it.

The next episode shows the kid at the beach with his family. We all can feel their joy and happiness of being together. They are all playing in the water, splashing, fooling around and simply having fun… And even though the beach is a place to play, have fun and explore the nature, the towel (that lies on the yellow sand, surrounded by water and beautiful scene of nature) is his return point. It is the spot that feels like coming back home, the spot that allows him to take a break, to catch his breath and have some time to rejuvenate. It is the spot that gives him again and again that sense of trust and security. Although, at this age that child, probably, still does not understand all of that… It is still intuitive…


The next episodes include teenagers who are involved in different sports.

  • Here is the teen that plays soccer and has the Personalized Signature Towel on the bench waiting for him. After the match he will use the towel to wipe his face and neck and later have a shower.
  • Group of teenagers who competes with other teams in synchronized swimming. We all know that everything what we can see now is the final product of their hard and dedicated work. Work which was done over and over again throughout the several months or even years. All that time they had something special that was invisibly supporting them – Signature Bath Towels… Even now those towels are patiently waiting beside the pool to share the joy and pride of victory…


The idea of having a Signature Towel in all these episodes is to send a message: “It does not matter what you do in your life – you are always will be invisibly supported”. Towel here is like one of your friends who will support you after the game or practice and would silently encourage you: “You did great!”; it will give you strength and will push you further, to the new limits.

And now you become an adult… You are at the beginning of another phase in your life… Phase, where you will start building your own life based on experience and knowledge that you already have. Here is your high school and then university graduation… Among of many other presents that you will get is a bath towel from Signature towels…something which will start a new life with you… That episode in my ad will be followed by another one where we can see a young couple on the beautiful beach. Two people are in love… they are making plans… they are dreaming together… We cannot see anybody else on the beach… only beautiful bath towel from Signature Towels beside them.

With the next episode the whirl of life puts us and the same couple in the middle of their wedding day. Lots of smiles, happiness, flowers, family, friends, guests and the variety of presents… One of them is the monogrammed Signature Bath Towels for both of them…

After that the couple goes for their honeymoon… They are in the hot tub…Lots of flowers around them… We can all sense their love and happiness….at this point they still do not need anybody else…it is their  own moment of  magic… and  only one invisible friend is allowed to be there and share that magic – Signature Bath Towels at the edge of the hot tub.



Next episode of my ad is a picture of a woman at the spa wrapped in a Signature Towel. She is getting a relaxation massage on the spa table… she is enjoying her time and moment to herself. It is the time when she can find the perfect balance between work, family and social life. The Signature Towel is there as a part of that balance. Balance brought by the same quality that transcends the decades.


Next on the screen comes a picture of a family (mother, father and two kids) coming together. Now, when you have your own family, you will surround them with love and care, you will provide the best experience and show them what sense of belonging means. Here begins the new circle of life…


The final episode of my ad will be a couple of pictures with an older couple that, despite of passing decades, are still enjoying themselves. The presence of the Signature Towels during the final episodes meant to send the final message that time cannot defy the quality.

On one of the pictures that couple will be coming back to the same beach where that woman went with her parents as she was a little girl.


Next episode will bring the same couple on the beach where they were together many years ago… before their own story have started….


As a background of my ad I have chosen progressively energetic music by Lindsey Stirling “Electric Daisy Violin”, which will represent the progress of life with all its ups and downs… Watch the short summary of my ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X5h-ydLtw0


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On April 27th I and other finalists from Miss Teen Canada-World BC 2013 were honored with invitation to participate at Teen Expo 2013 in Victoria, B.C, which was also first in Canada. We were all invited as special guests who will have an amazing opportunity meet and greet people as well as speak to them during our 15 min on stage time.

Getting ready…

It was a great opportunity for us to see people, talk to them about pageant in general, about our support of Free the Children Foundation, about our personal goals and missions. And, of course, we had a chance to see each other one more time after BC finals and before going to Toronto. It was so cool to see Miss Teen Richmond-World 2013, Danica Tan; Miss Teen Fraser Valley-World 2013, Brittany Clough; Miss Teen Victoria Island-World 2013, Christina Scheurle; and Miss Teen Burnaby-World 2013, Herleen Sethi.

Anastasiya Toropova, Herleen Sethi, Brittany Clough, and Christina Scheurle (from left to right).

Lots of pictures were done with people who attended the event.

But I want to put everything in order…

The day when I’ve got my invitation got even better when my family decided to go with me to Victoria Island…. They were so proud and excited that the decision of mini family vacation came almost instantaneously. We’ve decided to leave Vancouver day before the event…We had so much fun together…  Trip on BC Ferry is always fun, sightseeing of Victoria was amazing – we even tried new Hippo Tour (trip around Victoria on the bus which can ride on the road and go in the water as a boat)! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The day was perfect… even weather was cooperating with us! Our hotel was located in Downtown area, so, we were able to go for a walk along the seawall and see Victoria at night time – absolutely spectacular! Although at the end of the day I could not think about anything else besides tomorrow’s event.

Getting ready for Hippo Tour

I felt huge responsibility in general and especially for my own 15 min on stage time. The dilemma of what will be the best on stage followed me for quite a long time. I was torn between two options: just giving the speech about my platform or do a short presentation of my platform framed with the song (because as you probably already know, singing is my other greatest passion). As you all probably can guess that speech framed by songs option has won! 🙂 But that decision brought another dilemma (OMG…so many dilemmas) – what songs to choose? The winners were “It’s my Life” by Bon Jovi and “Always” by Arash & AySel (sorry guys, you probably don’t know those artists, they are from Azerbaijan). I choose “It’s my Life” by Bon Jovi because I love the main idea of that song. That song sends strong message that you are the only one who is in charge of your life, never give up, learn how to speak up for yourself, and ” …better stand tall when they’re calling you out, don’t bend, don’t break, … , don’t back down…”. My other song was about “love”, beautiful feeling that happens to people, which most of us, teenagers already have experienced. So, as a final product of my on stage time was a brief speech about my platform and two songs. Hope everybody enjoyed it.

Always by Anastasiya Toropova

Of course, it was not only us who were performing on stage; they had other guests who were talking about various topics related to teenagers.  Victoria Teen Expo was the event that gave teenagers tons of useful information and suggestions which were brought to audience in a very fun but at the same time informative way. It was a great idea of managers to let teenagers participate and, to some extent, lead the event. Lots of different companies came to support the event: Victoria Youth Musical Theater Company, Camp Qwanoes, ICBC and Saanich police, BC Extrication Society, Girl Guides of Canada-S.V.I., Eaton Arrowsmith School, P.A.R.T.Y Program (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth Program), The power of Hope, Restorative Justice Victoria, Childsplay 101, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area, Victoria Pride Society, and others…

As a “Meet and Greet” people we were privileged to speak with people of different ages – it was an amazing experience. I hope we all sent our messages well and people have learned something from us. Although, I know for sure that I’ve learned a lot from that event. For example, it was very inspiring to talk with Anabel Wind (Larsen School of Music) who encouraged me to follow my singing passion; Geroy Simon amazed me with his beautiful speech where he emphasizes the importance of personal attitude awareness, with his own examples he illustrated how wrong attitude towards things around you and towards life as whole may affect and sometimes even destroy your life. During the event everybody had a chance to go and see/try different stations – lots of amazing information was represented there. Station which was represented by members of MADD Canada (Mothers against Drunk Driving) and P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) made huge impression on me. With the support from local police department they’ve created the scene of the car accident happened while young driver was texting and driving. At that station everybody also had a chance to try “drunk glasses” in which your vision was alternated to the same extent as you were drunk. They had 3 levels of such glasses. The experiment that they did was easy but results were shocking… Each participant was asked to catch the golf ball without glasses and then try to catch the same ball wearing those glasses… As for me, who is non-drinker, the results were horrifying – I couldn’t catch the ball, it was hard to keep the balance and focus on things around me, my movements were awkward and funny. Funny… as I was wearing those glasses, but it is not fun to be that impaired while you driving. Hope all teens that tried those glasses and saw that station have learned a lot.

Geroy Simon and Anastasiya Toropova

Organizers of that event did a good job. I think that everybody is looking forward for the Teen Expo next year. Maybe in Vancouver? 🙂

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Hi, in my first post it will be all about me!

I was born in Lugansk, beautiful city of Ukraine. I am fluent in Russian and can understand Ukrainian language really well. I came to Canada in 2007, with new hopes and dreams, looking forward for a new experience and friends. When I came to Canada my secret hope was that I could continue to work on my two passions:  modelling and singing. My first modeling and singing experience goes far back… when I was only 5 years old and lived in Ukraine. Interestingly enough, regional pageant Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 became my first modeling experience in Canada.  

Lugansk, Ukraine

But modelling and singing are not my only interests and hobbies…

Rhythmic gymnastics, for example, was a part of my life for 4 years but when I came to Canada, after watching Four Continent Championships, I fell in love with figure skating and have decided to use my skills from gymnastics on ice. So, when I turned 14 for the very first time in my life I’ve stepped on the ice. It was so much fun! I know that I still have to learn a lot but I believe that the hard work, enthusiasm and trust in your own abilities can bring you far… So far that  faith brought me to the Preliminary Level and put me half way through Junior Bronze Skater. My home club is Port Coquitlam Figure Skating Club where every week I volunteer as a coach helper, helping young kids to learn how to skate.


March 2012

I am a proud student of Terry Fox Secondary School. I feel very fortunate because my school recognises my passion in singing and gives me a chance to be regular volunteer during major school events (such as sport events and assemblies). In 2012 I was a happy recipient of “Service Award”.

Rock the Fox 2013

I also love to travel, meet new people, make new friends and learn new things.

I am very excited that now, as a title holder, I have an opportunity to speak on behalf of teenagers of my city/province. My goal is to raise awareness in the community about teenagers who suffered from physical, emotional or sexual abuse.  I strongly believe that all children and youth have a right to love and respect.

I want to send a message to all teens that “Nothing is impossible… if you work hard, follow your dreams and never give up – you can achieve everything”; you just have to trust yourself and dream big….

Written by: Anastasiya Toropova
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If I am the star on my own TV Show…


Kyra Peterson is a girl-model, 16 years old, has long-browned-curled hair, sparkle green-blue eyes, great figure. Her parents all died in a accident, since that, she moved to New York, lived with her mean aunty and her two over-confident cousins. This happened when she is 14 years old. She never have any free spaces those years. Now, she is turning 16 years old and ready for grade 11. She could never thought about she would be a fabulous model and stand on the fabulous stage before she met her first love and her life saver Johnny Hunts, who is the most popular person in the RichSea Secondary School, who is a rich and little-famous model in the fashion show, who has the best shiny smile and happy-go-lucky personality, who is been taged on the Top 5 handsome guy in RichSea Secondary School.

The First Day of School

Kyra have to go to a new high school because her aunty bought a new house in New York. When she step into this private school, wearing this comfortable and cute school uniform, she feel how precious the life is, she thinks her parents would be happy in the heaven if she could go study in this private school. She would cherish this chance to learn more things. Kyra is extra pretty today. She step into this school, pretty girls with expensive earrings, handsome guys with new and attractive sneakers. She noticed the distance between those people and her.

In the new class, the teacher introduced Kyra, and let Kyra sit beside the most gorgeous and handsome guy Kyra have seen. This boy is Johnny Hunts and he is different than others, he has a attractive and sunshine-shiny smile and friendly nice behavior. He is Kyra’s first friend in this new school.

Kyra meet Claire, a girl who is super pretty and nice, she has a long golden hair and greenish eyes. She is Kyra’s second friend in this new school. Kyra feel she is so lucky to meet those two lovely friends. Of course, lots of girls feel uncomfortable with Kyra just because she is so lucky to get closer to Johnny. Johnny walks to home with Kyra after school, Johnny feel this girl who is stand in front of him is so special, not only because she is extra pretty when she smiles, also because she has a happy-go-lucky life attitude, and with her parents death.

Kyra’s First Show changes Kyra’s life FOREVER…

A few days later, Kyra, Johnny and Claire get closer and closer. Kyra could feel she has a beautiful connection with Johnny. This weekend Johnny invited Kyra and Claire to see his fashion show. It was wonderful, and Johnny was like a super star on the stage. Johnny introduces Kyra and Claire to the director of the fashion show. The director was so surprised that Kyra got a fabulous figure and a model-face. He suggested Kyra to try to enter the modeling world. Johnny and Claire were so happy and surprised, they also suggested Kyra to try. Kyra also is very excited about it. The director said Kyra could come to his company for training.

Kyra becomes famous ^__^

A month later…

Kyra was walking on the runway, showing her best side and confidence. Down the stage, there are her family and her friends. Kyra and Johnny falled in love.. <3

Kyra’s first fashion show has been very successful. Many fashion directors come to ask the show’s director and invited Kyra to their fashion shows. =) Kyra becomes famous. Now, she knows, during a month training, she becomes more confident and mature. Nobody will imagine what kind of hard works she did. She practiced everyday, sometimes she practiced until 1am, and she didn’t feel that it is so late. Now her efforts become success. Behind the fabulous stage, could be the fabulous efforts…Kyra Peterson… =)

My Sponsors

Goody    www.goody.com

Rimmel   www.rimmellondon.com

Jeanne Lottie    www.jeannelottie.com

Behind the Fabulous Stage POSTER


Cathy Miss Teen Port Coquitlam

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