How many people have pets in your homes? How many people don’t have any pets in your homes? Well, I am the one who has lots of pets in my home. One thing I could tell you, I LOVE animals! I just simply love them and I couldn’t hold it =p

Dog – Golden Retriever

This is my best best best doggy =3 Her name is Feilin. She is over 2 years old. She is very healthy and energetic. She IS energetic. You couldn’t imagine how energetic she is. Her favourite outside sport is playing with the tennis ball. If I say”Let’s go outside, Feilin!” she will be super super happy and surprise, and will run a circle with little jumps. Next thing, you have to, remember, you HAVE to tie her, and you must have to be prepared every second with her, because you couldn’t know she will run very fast without any signs and you couldn’t control her. She is so good at taking the tennis ball and running. I still wound on my knee, it is because the first time I tie her, and she run so fast and surprise me and pull me down… Although she is kind of insane outside, but she is pretty good in the house, we trained her not to enter all the bedrooms, and she is pretty clever. =)

Rabbit – Dutch Rabbit

This is my favourite rabbit. Feilin and him, I will say I care him more, I love him more…(sorry Feilin…=.=) His name is Mr. MilkButter, I always call him Dear Milk Butter. He is not like Feilin that crazy… But he is soooo funny when he do something. And he is so unlucky because he has a disease on his legs. Before he got his disease, he is a happy-go-lucky rabbit. I don’t cage him, only except sometimes he is so naughty and made me mad. I always laugh at him when he jump-jump-walk with my family in home, you know, haha, if you see a little rabbit walk between those humans… He usually jumped so high without any signs, and that often surprised me, and he is so funny when he jumped on my sofa quietly when I was watching TV. One of his favourite place is kitchen, he always go to the garbage and find some “delicious” and I always laugh at him when I saw a little rabbit is trying to find some food in the garbage. My mother often throw some extra carrots and cabbages on the floor because my mom know he is waiting here to get them =D My mom also love to talk to him when he is in the kitchen, asking him what do he want for dinner.. Hahahaha=D

One day, I found there are so many ugly wound and blood on his legs. I was so nervous and sad, since that, I never see he jumps so well. I took him to the animals hospital and spend so many money for him. When he took a injection, the nurse told me to talk to him and to make him relax, he is so tough and good that he didn’t kick the nurse, I can feel how painful he would be… I can feel he is trying to make me happy, trying to make me smooth…

Now, I leave him, he is all good with his legs. But I’m still so ashamed with him… I promise, he is my favourite pet ever. This will not change. 😉

My sister with illed Milk Butter =3


This is my little buddy, my little hamster Xiaomi. I was sorry about him, because I care him very less, I always forget him… T^T He is so cute with his little sparkle eyes. He don’t sleep at night, he sleep whenever he is tired. He extra love his little “playland”. He always love to run on his “sofa-reel”.. I call it sofa because he always rest and sleep on it. =) When he is so nervous because the people, he choose to run on it so fast =DD It is so funny…

Run!!! My little buddy=<3

Haha, I always laugh when I stay with my cute animals. =) I can tell you, those cute animals make my life shinny and interesting… =)



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