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Kyra Peterson is a girl-model, 16 years old, has long-browned-curled hair, sparkle green-blue eyes, great figure. Her parents all died in a accident, since that, she moved to New York, lived with her mean aunty and her two over-confident cousins. This happened when she is 14 years old. She never have any free spaces those years. Now, she is turning 16 years old and ready for grade 11. She could never thought about she would be a fabulous model and stand on the fabulous stage before she met her first love and her life saver Johnny Hunts, who is the most popular person in the RichSea Secondary School, who is a rich and little-famous model in the fashion show, who has the best shiny smile and happy-go-lucky personality, who is been taged on the Top 5 handsome guy in RichSea Secondary School.

The First Day of School

Kyra have to go to a new high school because her aunty bought a new house in New York. When she step into this private school, wearing this comfortable and cute school uniform, she feel how precious the life is, she thinks her parents would be happy in the heaven if she could go study in this private school. She would cherish this chance to learn more things. Kyra is extra pretty today. She step into this school, pretty girls with expensive earrings, handsome guys with new and attractive sneakers. She noticed the distance between those people and her.

In the new class, the teacher introduced Kyra, and let Kyra sit beside the most gorgeous and handsome guy Kyra have seen. This boy is Johnny Hunts and he is different than others, he has a attractive and sunshine-shiny smile and friendly nice behavior. He is Kyra’s first friend in this new school.

Kyra meet Claire, a girl who is super pretty and nice, she has a long golden hair and greenish eyes. She is Kyra’s second friend in this new school. Kyra feel she is so lucky to meet those two lovely friends. Of course, lots of girls feel uncomfortable with Kyra just because she is so lucky to get closer to Johnny. Johnny walks to home with Kyra after school, Johnny feel this girl who is stand in front of him is so special, not only because she is extra pretty when she smiles, also because she has a happy-go-lucky life attitude, and with her parents death.

Kyra’s First Show changes Kyra’s life FOREVER…

A few days later, Kyra, Johnny and Claire get closer and closer. Kyra could feel she has a beautiful connection with Johnny. This weekend Johnny invited Kyra and Claire to see his fashion show. It was wonderful, and Johnny was like a super star on the stage. Johnny introduces Kyra and Claire to the director of the fashion show. The director was so surprised that Kyra got a fabulous figure and a model-face. He suggested Kyra to try to enter the modeling world. Johnny and Claire were so happy and surprised, they also suggested Kyra to try. Kyra also is very excited about it. The director said Kyra could come to his company for training.

Kyra becomes famous ^__^

A month later…

Kyra was walking on the runway, showing her best side and confidence. Down the stage, there are her family and her friends. Kyra and Johnny falled in love.. <3

Kyra’s first fashion show has been very successful. Many fashion directors come to ask the show’s director and invited Kyra to their fashion shows. =) Kyra becomes famous. Now, she knows, during a month training, she becomes more confident and mature. Nobody will imagine what kind of hard works she did. She practiced everyday, sometimes she practiced until 1am, and she didn’t feel that it is so late. Now her efforts become success. Behind the fabulous stage, could be the fabulous efforts…Kyra Peterson… =)

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