We all know that “Beautiful British Columbia” is famous for its unique climate, nature and culture. It is truly the best place on Earth to live. Here you can find things to do for everybody: mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, wild forests, parks are for people who is looking for outdoor adventures; museums, theaters, cultural centers, beautiful spas, restaurants, dance halls, hotels, casinos, shopping malls are for people who like the business of modern life and city environment; stadiums, swimming pools, skating rinks, golf and ski resorts are for people who want to stay active… and that list can go on with things that will keep you busy in our province.

I am proud to live in BC and represent a small but absolutely unique portion of that beauty – Port Coquitlam.


Port Coquitlam is located right in the heart of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver and Fraser Valley area). However, natural setting and small-town make it feel like miles away from business of urban life. Port Coquitlam is famous for its trails, parks and green spaces accessible within short distances.

Traboulay Port Coquitlam Trail is #1 premier attraction of Port Coquitlam

Visitors and locals alike use this 25-kilometre loop trail to experience nature, get some exercise and even to get around. This flat walking, cycling, skate and even horseback trail is suitable for exploring at any time of the year. For every visitor it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature, be active and discover the community.


The PoCo Trail was born in 1967 as an idea for a Centennial project for the City of Port Coquitlam, to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. It began to physically take shape in the early 1970’s. Later, in 1997, City Council adopted a plan to upgrade the PoCo Trail and make it truly a source of community pride. Its name trail got only in 2001, when it was renamed into ‘Traboulay PoCo Trail’, in honour of the late Mayor Len Traboulay.

This 25-kilometre trail encircles the City of Port Coquitlam, traversing a varied landscape that includes forest and creek, meadow and marsh, riverfront and urban development.  The paved Downtown section winds through areas where local residents live, play and work. It’s well used by recreational users as well as bicycle commuters. From there, you can cycle through the serene and historic Colony Farm section, which features more than 150 bird species and is one of the most biodiverse parts of the region.

Traboulay PoCo Trail spectacularly winds through many of Port Coquitlam’s parks including Hyde Creek Nature Reserve, Wellington Park, Coquitlam River Park, Lions Park, Gates Park and Colony Farm Regional Park… All these parks, along with many others, create absolutely irresistible green paradise of our community.

Belcarra Regional Park is a beachside park along Bedwell Bay and Indian Arm with a pier. It has beautiful playground and picnic area. You can come here all year around and enjoy fishing, crabbing and walking trails.


Buntzen Lake also has beautiful beach and picnic area. During the summer time it is one of the most popular places for hiking and walking trails, swimming, and canoeing.


Colony Farm Regional Park is famous for its lowland marsh wildlife and bird sanctuary with excellent walking trails in Port Coquitlam.


Golden Ears Provincial Park has number of trials where you can challenge your hiking skills; however, don’t get discouraged if you are not that advanced – there are plenty of trials for leisure walker too.  Beaches on LaTourette Lake, incredible waterfalls and campground areas will also leave a life-long impression on you.


Minnekhada Regional Park has diverse hiking and walking trails in a wildlife and bird sanctuary.  Cranes, bald eagles, ducks, geese, and hawks are among its commonly seen inhabitants.


Pinecone Burke Provincial Park is famous for its natural hiking trails and world-class mountain biking on Burke Mountain.


White Pine Beach is another beach area with trails and natural hiking trails.


When you are done with the exploring the nature and ready for a snack and some shopping, make your way to Port Coquitlam’s historic and authentic downtown. Pick up a latté and stroll along charming Shaughnessy Street, lined with trees and shops for browsing. A variety of other services and shopping areas are a quick walk or drive away. And for a taste of some old-fashioned small-town spirit and family fun, visit Port Coquitlam during one of its many community festivals.

So, as you can see, that regardless of your age and interests, you’ll find plenty to see and do in our city.

Come see what we have to offer!

Special “Thank You” to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 (2nd blog challenge).

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      Thanks again for your comment on my wall…
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